Being both a gamer and chess player from a young age, and a keen player in both, I can safely say Dota is more challenging. You have to play defense and offence at the same time alongside your carefully selected team. You have to develop with the game and play your specific role. All this while trying to figure out your opposing team’s game plan.

I have a competitive itch at the back of my head that I can only reach with a brain challenge. I find Dota the perfect tool to take care of that problem. It has been proven to develop cognitive and logic skills. You have to work together to win, thus it has a massive effect on your team player skills.

While all of this sounds like a lot of work, I have found it to be the most fun game I have ever played. Once you start you can’t stop. It’s quite addictive. And while most non-gamers might think it is a waste of time I can assure you I learn more from Dota in 40 minutes than I do from the Kardashians. Flexing my brain muscles will get me ahead one day.

Then there is e-sports. Oh how this intrigues me. Competitively playing against other teams gives me great joy. We kill each other and then we have some beers. The winning team gets bragging rights of course. But in the end we all have gaming in common and we could talk for hours.

I have since then become a team owner. I sponsor a few computers to players I deem worthy. Once you’re on my team, know that I chose well and with reason.

Let the games begin!