If you are a serious gamer then you probably have a pretty decent graphics card. What most gamers don’t necessarily know is that their graphics card can be utilised to mine cryptocurrency for them while they are away from the keyboard, thus generating extra income. The coins you have made can be used directly or exchanged for money on several platforms. Steam and Takealot are just two examples of a suppliers that accept bitcoin as payment.

Here are some pointers if you are interested in this subject:

Sufficient hardware for extra income

If your card is less than two years old and from a worthy supplier it is possible that you will be able to mine. It is good to do some research as older cards can also mine sufficiently and some newer cards might not perform as well as their counterparts. This would result in the running costs (electricity) being higher than what you actually mine. The focus is extra income and not making a loss.

What to mine and when

This is quite a subject as some people live for predictions and some for current affairs. The way Leetpro does it is to look at three trading platforms from three large countries. From these platforms we look at the performance over past week. We then look at the GPU mined currencies, take the data and compare it. From this we can derive which currency is more profitable at the moment. There are also programmes available that would do this for you for a small fee in the form of cryptocurrency. These programmes are very efficient and some convert it to bitcoin for you.

How to start mining

Start by creating an account on a trading platform. There are many, so make sure you choose wisely. Make sure the platform supports all the coins you want to mine. It is also good to have a look at the trading history of said coins on the platform, it all comes down to supply and demand. Once you have the coins it should be easy to sell for money or trade for bitcoin. With most mining pools you simply use the address supplied (deposit address) on the trading platform and enter it into your mining programme. Your GPU will mine directly to this account.

Which country you reside in

GPU mined currencies perform best on overseas platforms for now (Leetpro is based in South Africa). Once you have mined enough and would like to exchange it for money. Open an account on one of your local trading platforms, a trusted one obviously. Sell your GPU coins for bitcoin on the foreign exchange platform you prefer using and send the bitcoin to your local trading platform. Then it’s just about placing your order and selling your bitcoins for your local currency.

There are other ways of using your bitcoins to buy and trade with as well. Visit Bitcoinzar to guide you if you are unsure what to do with your bitcoins in South Africa.

Leetpro can help

We have worked out some average running costs on different graphics cards by physically measuring the Watts. Our findings indicate that the three leading GPU currencies/algorithms each have different Watt usages. With these facts in mind we have done several experiments to ensure that we run at optimum level and make the most extra income possible. If you have any questions send us your steam ID and/or your email address and we will help you out and add you to our mailing list. We like supporting fellow gamers. 

Enquiries: [email protected]