Often considered a field dominated by males, the global world of e-sports is starting to see more and more female competitors and focus on “girl gamers”, and locally women and sponsors are stepping up to the occasion!
Nelspruit-based multi gaming organisation Leetpro has a women’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) team which has been crowned the 2017 World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) Africa champions!
The team, who goes by the name ‘Leetpro.fe’ will be visiting China in January 2018 for the APA Championships. Here, teams from Africa, Asia-Pacific and Australia will compete. The WESG women’s grand finals will include the teams that qualified from the APAC, North America, South American and European finals.
Any female team from Africa could enter the qualifiers which was played on December 3. Leetpro.fe beat Amaryllis Gaming to advanced to the semi-finals in which the Egyptian team Northwind was not available to play, which resulted in a forfeit and amounting to a place in the finals for the local team.
The other leg saw V0od0oDooLs and Energy Esports Finesse in the semi-finals, in which Energy Esports Finesse won 2-0, advancing them to the final to face Leetpro.fe.
The matches were in a “best of three” format – the first team to win two maps wins the game and progresses to the next stage. Each map includes 15 rounds on each side (30 rounds in total). Thus the first team to win 16 rounds wins the map.
In the finals Leetpro.fe managed to beat Energy Esports Finesse 2-0 with the scores being 16-6 for Leetpro.fe for both maps. Nathalie “NatzZii” Duvenhage (based in Johannesburg) certainly proved her worth in the last round when she was the last team member alive to take out three enemy players and win the round.

The team is now preparing for China with daily matches and practise to see how much they can improve before APAC, with individual and team help from their Leetpro coach, Aaron ‘SloWye-‘ van der Walt (Johannesburg). One team member bringing some international experience to the table is Sharon “Shazz” Waison (Johannesburg), who has played in a North American female team, Team Karma, and won the Copenhagen Games with them in 2015.
Despite the fact that most of the ladies are based in Gauteng, they frequently visit Nelspruit for boot camp and coaching. “When we visited the Leetpro headquarters for the first time we were amazed by how welcoming and supportive they were,” says Simone “Psymone” Eskelsen (Cape Town), the team captain.
“I had wanted to start a girls’ team for a while, and when I heard that Leetpro was interested in acquiring one, the ball started rolling,” explains Eskelsen.
Other team members include Louise “Angelwingz” Ludike (Johannesburg) and Karla “Scorpz” Grewar (Pretoria).
• While Leetpro.fe currently only competes in CS: GO, a multiplayer first-person shooter video game, Leetpro has various teams competing in a variety of games including Dota 2. Visit Leetpro E-sports on Facebook.