Leetpro Esports recently recruited another three CS:GO players following changes in the multi-gaming organisation’s Dota 2 roster earlier in May.

The Leetpro.CS boys welcome the addition of Jan “Takbok” Theron and Jaun “Zeo” Nieuwoudt to its core line-up while well-known South African female player Sharon “ShazZ” Waison joins Leetpro.fe.

The naturally talented Takbok (Cape Town) has been making a name for himself since 2008 in Call of Duty 4 and more recently frequented top tier CS:GO teams like Energy Esports. “He certainly brings a new dynamic to the team and is extremely positive and hardly ever gets tilted,” says in-game leader Aaron “SloWye” Van der Walt.

Also bringing fire power to Leetpro.CS is the extremely dedicated Zeo (Johannesburg) who has 17 years of CS experience. Previously he played for Veneration, Energy and White Rabbit Gaming. “Zeo is such a versatile and knowledgeable player and always ready for any role,” says SloWye who is also a former teammate of his.

This new core five also includes SloWye, Tiaan “Tiaantjie<3” Rheeder and Bradley “BaNaNaZz” Altona and will officially team up from Monday May 14. They make their debut as a team in the VS Gaming Masters and ESEA league later this month. The team will also attend LAN X in July. “We are super stoked to welcome Takbok and Zeo to the line-up,” says team captain BaNaNaZz.

Leetpro also welcomes back Sharon “ShazZ” Waison after playing with her in the WESG APAC in China earlier this year. “ShazZ needs no introduction on the gaming scene and most recently played for White Rabbit Gaming with Zeo. Leetpro is very excited to add a player with her experience and knowledge to the ladies’ team,” says .fe team manager Candice Street. “She is probably the most experienced female gamer on the continent and there is no doubt that she will play a valuable leadership role in the line-up.” The new core line-up will make its debut in the ESEA league at the end of May.

Leetpro Esports owner Johan Bezuidenhout is positive that this will be the final line-up changes for the year and hopes to carry these teams into 2019. “We’re excited to go into the new legs with this updated roster and aim to improve with every map, while preparing for the LAN X tournament and VS Gaming Master LAN at Comic Con.”