What qualifies as GPU farm mining?

It is difficult to determine the number of GPU rigs needed to qualify to be named a farm. A broad term would be a large number of GPUs on rigs or in computers that are dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies 24/7.

There are two types of rigs

• Number one being rigs that consist of the same graphics cards. These would be rigs with either the same brand of graphics cards on each or the same chips.
• Number two refers to mixed rigs. These rigs consists of mixed graphics cards regardless of the brand or type of chip.


Where to set up your farm

When choosing your location you have to keep in mind a few things:


It is obvious that you have to choose a space that has low costs involved when it comes to electricity and rent for your GPU farm mining location. Areas that are zoned for industrial use usually have the most affordable electricity costs and renting an area in a warehouse would be easy and affordable. But there are more factors to consider.


You will be investing a lot of money into some expensive hardware. Do not choose a space that is in a shady neighborhood just because the power is cheaper. Renting an open space in a warehouse would be cheapest but certainly not the safest option. Burglar bars are a must, adding security cameras would also aid in the protection of your farm.


Logically you do not need a lot of space to run your farm but you do need to keep in mind that a high roof won’t count as extra floor space when you rent – but it will help a lot when you start stacking your rigs and need ventilation.

Hazards and ventilation

These rigs don’t get extremely hot. They run at 800 watts at all times. But the air around them does get hot after a while. The plan is to run the rigs 24/7 so you have to make sure there are proper ventilation measures in place by means of windows, extraction fans etc. Also ensure that there are fire management protocols in place.

Management of the rigs

Ensure you can fix them yourself either on site or off site when troubleshooting occurs or when it is time to upgrade. Employing a technical person would also be advisory if you are planning a very large farm. Make sure your rigs run stable for more than a week before moving them to your new location to avoid going back and forth for small things.

Do the math!

Take all the numbers into account when planning your GPU farm mining location. You will suffer a loss if you do not work out all the costs effectively. Sit down and plan. Do the research.

Lastly, but very important, do not tell people where your farm is located!