When it comes to choosing a service provider like leetpro.co.za for hosting your mining rig, there are several options you can consider depending on your needs. It is important to know exactly what this contract entails to avoid any surprises.


Option 1: Buying a complete rig

This includes the rig as well as GPUs and other components. On cancellation of contract the rig will be returned to the owner as a complete unit. 

Option 2: Rig shares

This entails a shared investment in a rig of at least 15% or more.  The investor thus owns only the GPU. On cancellation of the contract the owner will receive only the GPU/s back depending on the percentage owned.


Mining rig hosting services by leetpro.co.za

Hosting and support services of rigs include the following:

• Safe and secure location space

• Internet and electrical connection

• Maintenance daily

• Performance and power optimisation

• Continued functionality of hardware

• Affect payment to owners designated bank account/altcoin address

• Provide owner with weekly update status/statistics report


Cost of hosting

• Internet and space: R250/month/rig

– Electricity: R2,10/unit

– Cash out fee: R10 transaction

– 20% of the profit after deductions (owner gets 80%).


*Terms and conditions apply. Prices are subject to specifications in contract. Contact leetpro.co.za for a quotation.