Leetpro’s first impressions about Ryzen 1800x

1.  You will need a compatible AM4 cooler, some older AM3 coolers might be compatible, most are not. Apparently the Asus Crosshair (pre-ordered on February 24) is compatible with both AM3 and AM4 coolers, but this couldn’t be tested as Asus does not have stock in South Africa yet.

2. POST times are really slow, not sure if it’s a platform/bios/chipset/manufacturers’ issue. Sometimes up to 30 seconds.

3. Not all memory chips are compatible, we had to only run single channel and 2133mhz for best stability. Will test dual channel and higher speeds in the coming weeks.

4. Did we mention the platform is (still) unstable ? Random freezes/blue screens/unable to complete windows installation.

5. Bios versions are from February 15 (B350 Tomahawk) and February 22 (X370 xpower Titanium) – we need bios updates for stability as soon as possible.

5. It’s not all bad, windows update and AMD chipset drivers made it much more stable.

6. It’s fast and powerful, out of the box. Stock for stock it gave our 6700k and 5960x a hiding.

7. Our overclocked 5960x @ 4.5ghz gives the 1800x a hiding. Ryzen doesn’t overclock well, hope this can change in the future.

8. Should you buy/upgrade to Ryzen? If you know your way around a PC and don’t mind the growing pains, sure. In single threaded applications, anything less than an I7 4770 you should see proper gains. Multi threaded applications the Ryzen can keep up and sometimes even beat a 6950x

9. The Ryzen architecture brought massive IPC gains for AMD and we believe AMD will gain market share from Intel. Competition in the CPU and GPU market is great for the consumer, better products at better prices.